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100% Handcrafts Masks Made In Italy

We guarantee our customers an excellent product made exclusively by hand by our family using only high quality materials produced in Italy.

All our creations are accompanied by an information brochure that illustrates the main stages of working in leather and papier-mâché. In addition, inside each mask there is the artist’s signature which guarantees its uniqueness.



Papier-Mâché Masks

They are created on a special plaster cast, also made by the master mask maker Adriano Bertolini through the creation of a clay sculpture.

The essential materials for the construction of a papier-mâché mask are “poor materials” and easy to find: they are water, vinyl glue and in our case a special absorbent paper (wool paper instead of newspaper).

We proceed by breaking small strips of paper which are moistened with the mixture of water and glue and then placed inside the mold in “collage” ways. Once the cast is completely covered, a long drying period will follow, after which you can remove our paper puzzle giving life to the papier-mâché mask, ready to be decorated and finished according to the artist’s imagination. This technique gives value to the product, making it a unique piece because like everything handmade it will never be the same as another.

“ We put all our passion into creating extraordinary masks
to wear on any occasion ”

Leather Masks

The technique used for the creation of the leather masks follows the reverse procedure to that of the papier-mâché that is working on a positive cast. A wooden sculpture of a mask is made and it will act as a matrix for the production of the one in leather. We use a fine type of Tuscan leather that undergoes a particular tanning technique to offer the highest quality to our customers.
Processing: the leather is moistened with lukewarm water in order to weaken it, becoming malleable and ready to be placed on the matrix, where the manual beating and smoothing will be performed with the help of embossing spoons and bone hammers, thus maintaining the specific shape given by the wooden sculpture. It is an ancient technique handed down since the 16th century. Once the goal is reached, the leather is left to rest until completely dry which will allow removal from the mold, giving life to our mask which will then be colored with non-toxic colors and finished with natural waxes that will provide charm and shine.

” While you are creating, your imagination explodes, leading you to give birth to works of art “

Filigree Masks

They are made using mechanical procedures that consist of engraving the mask design on a very flexible sheet of metal, then by removing the excess parts a sort of metallic lace is created which will be lacquered in black, giving life to our filigree mask. At this point the mask is pressed on a mold to make it fit and decorated with original Swarovski crystals applied one by one with passion and dedication, making it not only a fantastic piece of furniture to illuminate your spaces but above all a fashion and glamorous accessory for your fancy dress parties.

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